2015 is a centenary year of one of the milestones of modern physics: General Relativity. Einstein published his first seminal paper on General Relativity on 25th November 1915 and started a revolution whose ramifications affect physics up to now. In the subsequent hundred years the theory has grown considerably encompassing many present areas of interest like black holes, gravitational waves, quantum gravity and cosmology to mention a few. It is impossible to cover simultaneously all important subjects of General Relativity and for this reason we have chosen a leitmotif around which the school will revolve: cosmology. Indeed with the discovery of the accelerated expansion, measurements and interpretation of the Cosmic Microwave Background, the understanding of structure formation, the inflationary hypothesis and last but not least the quantum gravity aspects, cosmology has become the fastest growing area of General Relativity and an important part of science. The topics mentioned above will be the themes of the lectures presented at the school.

Students are invited to submit abstracts for presenting their work (posters) at the School. Some amount of financial aid will be available for travel and local expenses of students from outside Bogotá.

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  • M. Nowakowski, Uniandes, Colombia
  • J. R. Roldan, Uniandes, Colombia
  • D. Sudarsky, UNAM, Mexico




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